Rocket powered, yes. People powered? That, too.

We’re a passionate team of designers and developers who want to bring easy but powerful technology to the real estate industry.

Over 10 years in the making.

We started working on the idea for this company about 10 years ago. Back then, online real estate marketing was much simpler. Websites were easier to make, Google’s algorithm relied mostly on keywords, and there just wasn’t as much competition. We quickly became a market leader, giving real estate agents and brokers the tools to succeed.

Today, that old internet is unrecognizable. Online competition is fierce, and agents’ needs are constantly changing. But our philosophy has always been that if we’re simply responding to changes, then we’re already behind. So we’re constantly pushing the envelope in online marketing innovation. Our team of engineers has developed custom technology and innovative lead capture features, pushing our clients ahead of the curve. That’s why after all these years we’re still a market leader.

But there was still a major problem in the industry. We realized that while every agent needs a beautiful website and valuable marketing technology, not every agent can or wants to spend tens of thousands for it. IDX Boost is the solution.

We’ve spent years perfecting the technology behind IDX Boost websites, and now offering it to you for the best price we can think of: free. You just pay for the IDX (the rocket fuel, if you will).

Ready to see for yourself? The process couldn’t be any simpler. And our friendly launch crew is standing by if you have any questions. Welcome aboard!

The IDX Boost Team

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