Tutorial Videos

Welcome to our workshop. Here you can watch our short video tutorials and learn how easy it is to get your real estate website up and running!

Your Control Panel

Mission Control is where you can control some of the most important features on your site. Check your leads, manage your account settings, modify your filters, and more. From here you can add content or scoot over to your WordPress dashboard to do things like make design changes or download plugins. And if you need help, you can contact support from here, too.

  • Manage all of your leads
  • Control your main account settings
  • Configure your IDX settings
  • Control your exclusive and sold inventory
  • Create and manage all of your filters
  • Manage favorite condo buildings
Tutorial Videos
  • My Leads

    Track your customers’ activity in real time. You’ll see what properties they searched for and which properties they saved in their favorites.

  • My Account

    Manage all aspects of your account. Update your MLS settings, view and manage your billing preferences and view your registration keys.

  • IDX Settings

    Control which type of properties you want to be displayed on your website, which cities and what price ranges you want to appear.

  • My Listings

    Set your exclusive listings and control how you want them to be displayed. You can also manage your sold properties.

  • Filters

    Build the custom pages for your site. Create filters for neighborhoods, communities, buildings, and more.

  • Buildings

    Manage and control your favorite condo buildings. Add the buildings you want to display and update any information you want.