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IDXBoost™ is a Real Estate Business Accelerator that combines the power of innovative technology, proven marketing strategies, and experts working alongside you to help you boost your brand, dominate your local market faster and generate higher financial returns year over year.

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Real Estate Website Builder

Build your own website in minutes,
without using any code.

  • Edit your website’s content and design in real time.
  • Choose the sections and navigation structure you want.
  • Create sophisticated sites for each of your listings.
  • Use IDX/MLS integrations to captivate homebuyers and sellers.
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IDX Integration

Offer the best search experience
for your online visitors.

  • Use an IDX search map filter and other advanced tools.
  • Show all the updated listings in your area with our MLS/IDX integration.
  • Add unique videos to build trust with your visitors.
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Lead Generation

Engage, convert, and nurture
your leads from cold to closed.

  • Create engaging ads & personalized tripwires for your pages.
  • Add registration forms & social media login to boost conversions.
  • Send automated alerts to your leads, such as price reductions.
  • Create trackable landing pages for your marketing campaigns.
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Market Domination Success Stories

Glen Primak
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Grow your real estate business faster

In this episode, Carlos talks with Glen Primak, a top-producing real estate professional with extensive knowledge in negotiating and selling luxury products. As a child, he had an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to his love for sales. His drive and dedication led him to a multi-million dollar year upon being newly licensed in real estate. Following a strong start, Glen continued to break records year after year.

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Peter Green
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Digital marketing trends in real estate

In this episode, Carlos talks with Ryan Knowles, CEO of Maison Bahamas. Ryan is frequently cited as one of the leading realtors in The Bahamas, having sold well over $150 million of real estate in the past few years. With a focus on luxury and new development properties, Ryan has garnered an excellent reputation in the industry and counts successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and developers as some of his top clients.

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Peter Green
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Grow your real estate business faster

In this episode, Carlos talks with Arno De Vos, a Miami's luxury condo specialist who has sold some of South Florida’s most desirable new-construction condominium projects. Arno has been active in the residential real estate industry since 2011. With a primary focus on South Florida’s luxury condominium market, he has worked directly with a number of South Florida’s most respected real estate developers.

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Peter Green
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Grow your real estate business by embracing new technologies

In this episode, Carlos talks with Peter Green, who has over 11 years of experience in the luxury residential market in Miami and joined Fortune International Realty in 2011. Since then, he’s collaborated with a top-performing real estate group with over $200M in single-family Miami Beach exclusive listings and has sold over $100M in collaboration with Town.

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Megan Probst
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Grow your real estate business by investing in your digital platform

In this episode, Carlos talks with Megan Probst from The Probst Group, who specializes in luxury properties in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Megan is more than just an agent: she is a thinker, researcher, advisor, and connector, with proven networks and expertise that serve her clients beyond the physical home.

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Nick Grodzicki
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Moved to a new market and sold $40MM+ in 6 months

In this episode, Carlos talks with Nick Grodzicki, the 27-year-old owner and founder of the Grodzicki Group. After 3 years of being a real estate agent, Nick shares his unique approach to sales and time management to achieve his results faster. Watch the full video to find out how Nick sold 55 million dollars in 6 months in the ultra-luxury competitive market of Palm Beach, Florida.

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Adrián Sanchez
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Over $50MM+ sold in new developments in less than a year

Carlos talks with Adrián Sanchez, the founder of WIRE, who has sold over $150M in both commercial and residential real estate. Adrián is also a member of the Master Broker’s Forum, a prestigious group of top-producing residential Realtors, and has sold several multi-million dollar properties in some of the most prominent and affluent neighborhoods in Miami.

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Iliana Abella
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Grow your real estate business by building long term relationships

In this episode, Carlos talks with Iliana Abella, owner of The Abella Group, a private brokerage firm, where she specializes in luxury residential real estate in Greater Miami. Iliana takes great pride in providing clients with personalized and high-quality service, the evidence of which is clear in a long history of repeat and referral business.

Watch the full episode
David Siddons
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Grow your real estate business by being customer centric

In this episode, Carlos talks with David Siddons, the leader of the David Siddons Group. David is a consistent top producing agent whose incredible command of the market, commitment to his clients and creative mind have firmly placed him in the top echelon of luxury real estate professionals and earned recognition as one of Miami’s top 20 agents and in the top 0.1% nationwide.

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Lucas Lechuga
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Grow your sales by empowering your business with technology

In this episode, Carlos talks with Lucas Lechuga, a seasoned real estate professional with over 15 years of real estate sales experience and a member of the Master Brokers Forum – a distinguished, invite-only organization comprised of South Florida’s top residential real estate professionals. Known for his unparalleled market insight, Lucas is a consistent, top-producing agent, owner, and founder of the Miami Condo Investments website.

Watch the full episode
Bill Barrett
pipeline with Carlos Concepcion

Strengthen your real estate brand & business with a proper online presence

In this episode, Carlos talks with Bill Barrett, the principal broker, and owner at Luxury Home Consultants (LHC). He has been an exclusive buyer broker in the South Florida real estate market for over 33 years. During that time, he successfully brokered several thousand real estate purchases working exclusively for property buyers.

Watch the full episode

IDXBoost Accelerated
Success Stories

Read more about real estate professionals who are using IDXBoost programs to scale to 9-figures in yearly sales.

Do you want to accelerate your real estate business?

Talk to an IDXBoost™ representative and choose the right program according to your business needs, from start-up to market domination. Let’s discover together how IDXBoost™ can help you reach your goals faster!

You’ve got questions?
IDXBoost has real solutions

  • Why do I need to niche within my market?

    Our custom market research is crucial for launching your real estate brand and increasing your sales. It will help you to close on your ideal high-potential niche market so you can invest your budget in a tactical way, and build your website with the purpose of engaging with that specific audience.

  • Why do I need a branded website?

    A branded real estate website will let you bring your brand to life online, and represent all that it has to offer and the values that it holds dear. With IDXBoost Website Builder, you can have an advanced branded website with exclusive personalization and offer a tailored experience to your online visitors.

  • Why does my website have no traffic?

    To start getting online traffic you need to build an infrastructure that serves as the backbone of your real estate brand, connect all your Social Media platforms and create high-quality content for your visitors. Implementing a proven digital marketing strategy will help you maximize your brand’s visibility online and stand out from the crowd.

  • Why do I get no leads, despite my high online traffic?

    Usually, this is an issue of attracting the wrong audience, or you could have data and website errors. You could have tons of people visiting your real estate website online (quantity), but it’s also crucial to attract the right leads (quality). You need to focus on attracting people interested in buying or selling their homes within your local market. You can achieve this by implementing IDXBoost battlefield-tested strategies, specially designed for you to attract people who are likely to hire your real estate services and be long-term customers. Part of these strategies includes creating high-quality content to engage your specific audience, improving your social media presence, and creating segmented lists.

  • Why don’t people return to my website?

    If your online visitors never come back to your real estate website it means you need to strengthen your return and nurturing strategy. IDXBoost offers proven digital marketing strategies so you can create an exceptional experience for your leads (according to their needs) and build lasting relationships with them, even after the transaction is closed.

  • Why do I need to work on my brand’s authority?

    Once you’re already attracting the right people to your website and converting more leads into prospects, then it’s time for your real estate business to gain authority within the local market. This is important because dominating your niche area and being recognized as a loyal and trustworthy real estate professional will help you locally establish the cycle of buyers and sellers.