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Explore a captivating collection of real estate website designs utilized by industry leaders to enhance their brand's online presence and achieve superior conversions for online leads.

Wire Miami

“I sold over $50MM in my first year using IDXBoost™. This combination has proven to be quite successful”

Adrian Sanchez - Wire Real Estate

Grodzicki Group

“I tried 4 different website companies for an example before eventually finding IDXBoost™. Partnering with IDXBoost™ has been a tremendous experience”

Nick Grodzicki - Compass

David Siddons Group

“IDXBoost™ has given our website the wow factor we needed to impress our visitors”

David Siddons - Douglas Elliman

The Audrey Ross Team

“IDXBoost™ has transformed my life, we’ve gone through 4 vendors before finding them and none of them have been able to achieve what we’ve accomplished together managing my domain”

Audrey Ross, Ph.D. - Compass

Maison Bahamas

“We’ve gotten so many reviews from other agents, buyers and sellers. They love the way it looks and how easy it is to use. For a new company, it is super important that the website doesn’t only look good but also generate leads”.

Ryan Knowles - Maison Bahamas

Genuine Real Estate

“A huge influx of leads and more people for our brokerage to talk to than we’ve ever had before”

Patrick Ryan - Genuine Real Estate

Monson Group

“When you hire IDXBoost™ you hire a group of true professionals with innovative ideas”

Olga Monson - Monson Group

Miami Waterfront

“Thanks to IDXBoost™ I dominate Miami waterfront searches”

Julian Johnston - Corcoran

Luxury Home Consultants

“IDXBoost™ is just amazing! The control, the insight, I think is just something that gives you an unfair advantage”

Bill Barret - Luxury Home Consultants

The Group At Fortune International Realty

“Having an effective CRM that you’re comfortable with is a game changer, being a real-estate-centric system is very important, allowing yo to track conversations in any device. IDXBoost™ is an amazing interactive digital company that generates great quality leads, and they take it seriously ”

Peter Green - Fortune

De Vos Real Estate

“I wanted to be able to put aesthetically pleasing content in front of end users in a way that is comprehensive. I would much rather have a decent amount of really good quality leads than a huge influx of leads where the vast majority is odd quality.”

Arno De Vos - De Vos Real Estate

KD Prime Properties International

“Since we started with IDXBoost™ our company has grown tremendously. They have provided all the services we need in Marketing, Social Media and creating our Website who everybody compliments. The traffic we are getting right now is enormous, and we’re very happy with the success rate we get”

Karim Daneri - KD Prime Properties International

Barkin Group

“IDXBoost™ has given our website the wow factor we needed to impress our visitors”

Peter Barkin - Barkin Group

Lina & Elliot Group

“There’s nobody better in luxury real estate marketing”

Elliot Lee - Douglas Elliman

Probst Group

“We’ve sold 50% of our properties digitally. IDXBoost™ helped us transform digitally and align with my broker’s tools, allowing us to track where the sources of our leads are where our buyers are in the process”

Megan Probst - Compass
Probst Group

The Prinsloo Group

“IDXBoost™ has generated higher returns on generic traffic and return on investment over the years, helping us dominate the market in Las Vegas. It has worked very well for us generating new prospects”

Ike Prinsloo - The Prinsloo Group

Miami Condo Investments

"They are great to work with, they respond quickly, they work in an officially timely manner. They’re creative, they get the job done, and they know real estate inside and out. I highly recommend them!"

Lucas Lechuga - Miami Condo Investments
Miami Condo Investments

RJ Soens

Stephanie Cook

"So far, we are quite pleased with the website's quality, the unique features it has, and the five-star customer service we always receive from the IDXBoost™ team"

Stephanie Cook - Compass
RJ Soens

Agent FTL

"IDXBoost™ has been very influential for us when it comes to the business from a marketing aspect, being able to get the proper Ads to our prospective buyers and deliver that message properly"

Glen Primak - Agent FTL

The Abella Group

"We’ve been able to grow our business consistently every year since we’ve been working with IDXBoost™ starting with a custom website and discovering their lead generation program as way to generate new business"

Iliana Abella - Compass
The Abella Group
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