How Does IDXBoost Work?

IDXBoost is a subscription-based real estate platform that includes an easy to use website builder, IDX interface, and powerful lead generation tools. It is a flexible platform that allows you to grow and evolve as your business demands.

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It all starts with your website...

IDXBoost's easy-to-use backend allows users to quickly edit and add
new content to your website. Grow your real estate website
or hire our team of experts to build it for you.

Brenda Gramajo Nancy Batchelor Barkin Gilman Website Builder custom fonts Website Builder custom text color Website Builder custom font color Website Builder custom colors
  • Customize & Brand
    Your Website

    Customize your theme to match your brand’s colors, fonts, and styles. Let your website elevate your brand.

  • Add Your

    Showcase your content, team and services on your website. Let your audience know about your unique abilities.

  • Feature

    Upload, build and publish your own inventory of properties. Also, publish properties as stand alone websites.

Total Control of Your Website Content & Feature Properties

IDXBoost puts you in the driver seat, handing you over total control of your real estate website. With these tools you will have the ability to brand your website, add your content and feature your properties easily.

*No Coding Experience Needed!

Real Estate Website Builder Property Website Creator
  • Brand your real estate website
  • Grow your website’s content
  • Add & manage your team members
  • Upload featured properties
  • Elevate & grow your brand
Real Estate Website Property House Real Estate Website Property Mansion Real Estate Website Property Filter Real Estate Website Property Type Filter

Seamless IDX Integration
With Your Local
MLS Board

IDXBoost built-in IDX interface allows you to connect your website with your local MLS board. Provide a useful resource to your traffic by displaying all the available listings in your board. Create hyper-targeted pages with available inventory of your farming areas & condos.

Seamless Integration With your Local MLS Board
Seamless Integration With your Local MLS Board
  • Advanced Map
    Search Tools

    Provide your visitors with a modern user experience that allows them to browse for local listings.

  • Hyper-targeted
    MLS/IDX Pages

    Create targeted pages for your farming areas & condos that display their active inventory.

  • Add Filters
    to your content

    Mix up our website builder tools and IDX integration and create pages with dynamic listings.

Create IDX/MLS pages
for your farming areas
and favorite condos

Get access to all the lead generation tools & widgets you need to maximize your conversion.

Building Pages Display Filters

An easy to use, built-in
IDX Integration tool

No coding is needed. IDXBoost built-in IDX tools allow you to create unlimited pages through a very easy-to-use interface. You can create IDX pages by easily drawing on the map or just adding zip codes, subdivisions names, or condo addresses.

Track Everything!

Track all your visitors website and property interactions from your centralized control panel. See what your visitors are searching and where they are coming from.

idxboost cpanel mobile
  • Provide modern search tools
  • Mobile friendly IDX integration
  • Create hyper-targeted pages
  • Promote areas & condos
  • Add listings to your content pages

Lead Generation Tools

IDXBoost offers a suite of lead generation tools to maximize your engagement, conversion, and nurturing of your website traffic. These tools are crucial to your success if you are using your website as an online marketing tool to attract new home buyers and sellers.

IDX Map Pages Filter
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  • Boost
    Engagement Tool

    Increase your visitor’s trust by embedding video and displaying ads on your landing pages.

  • Boost
    Conversion Tool

    Leverage your registration settings strategy to seamlessly collect your visitor’s data.

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  • Boost
    Nurturing Tool

    Set your lead nurturing in auto-pilot with smart property alerts and custom action plans.

Create IDX/MLS pages
for your farming areas
and favorite condos

Get access to all the lead generation tools & widgets you need to maximize your conversion.

Registration Form

Lead generation tools designed to maximize your marketing efforts.

Powerful real estate marketing tools that have been proven and tested by top producers, ascending agents & marketing professionals. All the integrated tools you need to market your brand, property or development online.

Lead Generation Lead Generation Description
  • Boost your visitor’s engagement
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Smart property alerts & action plans
  • Custom forms & actions
  • Tripwires & landing pages

Real Estate Digital
Marketing Services

Our team of experienced professionals will take care of the whole process for you. From building you a beautiful and engaging website with all the integrations needed, to hyper-targeted campaigns focused on generating you a constant flow of new incoming high quality leads looking to buy and sell homes in your market.


Generate high quality leads of home buyers & sellers in your market

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Become the local market authority in your farming areas

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“Generate and Dominate share many features in common, both are designed to generate, convert and nurture your leads. While the Generate focuses on creating a constant flow of incoming high quality leads. The Dominate emphasizes on maximizing your brand exposure on the most visited digital & social platforms.”


Generate Lead Generation program includes an advanced website build, generation & nurturing of new leads registering on your website.

Google SEO

of homebuyers use the internet to begin their home search

Generate Lead Generation program includes an advanced website build
  • Website Traffic

    Ads placed on niche keywords from your farming areas to bring you the best quality of leads.

  • Optimize Your Exposure

    Constant optimization of campaigns to increase lead quality and maximize budgets.

    “The Internet has become an essential and indispensable tool in the home search process with nearly 95 percent of home buyers using it to search for homes, and 54 percent of buyers stating that the use of the Internet was the first step taken during the home buying process.”

  • Maximize Your Conversion

    Custom conversion strategies to seamlessly collect your visitors data.

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Testimonial 12 Hand Selector

“Want more than just leads? Upgrade to Dominate and start your cross-platform path to become the local market authority.


Beyond lead generation is total market domination. Maximize your brand exposure by showcasing your brand on all major social media platforms. Take full advantage of the reach available through the power of cross-platform online marketing.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation
  • Cross-platform branding

    Maximize your exposure by showcasing your brand on all the major digital platforms.

  • Facebook & Instagram Marketing

    Leverage the power of social media to improve engagement with your prospects.

  • Youtube & Viral Video Marketing

    Accelerate your brand growth by influencing your target through viral video marketing.

“IDXBoost has all the tools, services and proven strategies to help you boost your real estate business. Request a demo for a deep dive on our services with one of our marketing specialists.”

IDXBoost's Products & Services

  • Website Builder Access to IDXBoost

    $99 /month

    IDXBoost access to
    the real estate website
    & property builder.

    • Design & Edit Your Site
    • Upload Your Content
    • Publish Properties
    Request Demo
  • IDX Websites mls integrated websites

    $199 /month

    Connect your website
    with IDX to your local
    MLS board.

    • Connect With the MLS
    • Provide Map Search Tools
    • Condo & Community Filters
    Request Demo
  • PREMIUM lead generation Tools

    $999 /month

    Leverage your marketing
    with lead generation
    & conversion tools.

    • Boost Your Engagement
    • Boost Your Conversion
    • Boost Your Nurturing
    Request Demo
  • GENERATE marketing Services

    $1,500 /month

    Have our team generate
    a constant flow of
    incoming prospects.

    • Includes Advanced Site
    • Targeted Lead Generation
    • Engagement & Conversion
    Request Demo
  • DOMINATE marketing Services

    $2,500 /month

    Maximize your brand
    exposure & dominate
    your local market.

    • Includes Advance Website
    • Includes Generate Features
    • Cross-platform Branding
    Request Demo

    $0 Set Up +$199/month

    Get on board and start using the IDXBoost platform at the entry-level

    • Website Builder
    • IDX Integration
    • Homepage Design
    • About Us
    • Contact Us
    • Video Tutorials
    • Publishing Services
    Request Demo

    From $799 +$199/month

    Have our team build and publish a basic real estate website for you.

    • Website Builder
    • IDX Integration
    • Homepage Design
    • About Us
    • Contact Us
    • Training & Publishing Services
    Request Demo

    From $2,500 +$199/month

    A website built with hyper-targeted pages for your farming areas.

    • Website Builder
    • IDX Integration
    • Homepage Design
    • About Us
    • Contact Us
    • Basic Content/IDX Pages (15)
    • Training & Publishing Services
    Request Demo
  • PRO

    From $4,500 +$199/month

    A website with all your unique content, team, and focused neighborhoods.

    • Website Builder
    • IDX Integration
    • Homepage Design
    • About Us
    • Contact Us
    • Basic Content/IDX Pages (30)
    • Training & Publishing Services
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    From $6,500 +$199/month

    A robust website with unique advanced content pages.

    • Website Builder
    • IDX Integration
    • Homepage Design
    • About Us
    • Contact Us
    • Basic Content/IDX Pages (20)
    • Advanced Content Pages (10)
    • Training & Publishing Services
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Want to know more?
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Start small and grow, or go big out of the get-go. IDXBoost suite of products can help your real estate business from start-up to market domination. Schedule a personalized meeting and let’s discover together how our tech and team can adjust to your current needs.

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