How to Go Digital to Grow Your Real Estate Brand

January 6, 2023 Blog Articles

Did you know that up to 97% of people wanting to buy a house begin their search online?

The adoption of digital technology for luxury real estate is impacting every agent and professional in the world. The future is digital, and the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated its development. Nowadays, millions of people are currently buying or selling their houses and closing transactions online, and this is why almost every real estate professional must have a digital strategy to ensure their brands stay competitive.

Megan Probst, from The Probst Group, started a digital transformation of her real estate business in partnership with IDXBoost.

“The first showing happens online. It doesn’t happen inside of a property. And with COVID over the past two years, it really has surprised me that we’ve sold almost 50% of our properties digitally. I mean, virtual shows and local tours. I never thought that was really a possibility”.

–Megan Probst

Creating And Integrating Digital Assets To Boost Your Real Estate Brand

Your digital infrastructure is formed by every digital asset you use to support the growth of your real estate brand, such as a branded real estate website, corporate emails and signatures, AI integrations, CRM, social media business accounts, Google Analytics codes, and more.

All these digital assets serve as the backbone of real estate businesses and help them achieve long-term growth. Besides having a solid infrastructure, it’s also important to have all your digital assets working in synergy: your social media, search engine, and media outlets should be connected with your marketing platform, website, and CRM, to help you improve the customer’s journey and create new revenue streams as well.

The Benefits of Using The Latest Technologies in Real Estate

Implementing and integrating powerful technologies and customer-centric tools can help you ensure your real estate brand has the digital infrastructure and ecosystem it needs for a successful launch and long-term growth. These are some of the benefits: 

Attract and connect with the right people actively looking to buy or sell in your market

Make sure your personal brand is always at the forefront each time potential customers actively look for properties within your farming areas.

Gain a competitive advantage over other real estate agents

Infrastructure is not only about improving. It is something needed for planning long-term visions to survive and gain advantages over competitors. Missing this change will put your business at risk of not surviving the next big technological wave. Adrian Sanchez, Founder of WIRE (Waterfront Investment Real Estate), who has sold over $150M in both commercial and residential real estate and has over $280M in active listings today, used IDXBoost technologies to grow his business and remain competitive.

“If you don’t adjust to the market, you’re just not going to get anywhere. Things change, you gotta change with them. There are a lot of digital processes that you really have to do to stay competitive. There are certain platforms that helped me greatly”.

-Adrian Sanchez

Other benefits of building a digital infrastructure for your real estate business are improving your operational efficiency and security, and the possibility of growing and controlling a large database of qualified leads.

Bill Barret, the principal broker and owner at Luxury Home Consultants (LHC), has been an exclusive buyer broker in the South Florida real estate market for over 33 years. A short time ago he decided to display his brand in the digital ecosystem and the benefits speak for themselves: 

“The internet has changed everything. The way my business evolved was with this core group of clients, they kept referring business and referring business, and then they would be returning clients. But it got to the point where I had to do more to grow the company and keep production at a level that was something that kept my interest in the business”.

-Bill Barrett

As you’ve read, building a solid digital infrastructure is essential to dominate your local market and accelerate your real estate revenue. However, it is like a two-sided sword, which may bring the downfall of your business if you are not tactical in its implementation. 

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