Powerful Lead
Generation Tools

Track and measure your user's website interactions. Seamlessly connect and displays listings from your local MLS board. All the tools you need to generate, convert and nurture your leads.

Real Estate

Reflect your real estate
brand’s identity with IDXBoost
Website Builder

Bring your brand to life online through an advanced branded website with exclusive personalization and a tailored user experience. Unleash your creativity and represent all that your real estate business has to offer.
No coding needed!

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Aria Luxe Brickelly Edgewater Bay
Villa Positano AMG AMG
Una Residences Penthouses Auberge Residences
BRG International Cervera Aria
Villa Positano AMG AMG

A powerful content
marketing platform

Grow your website and publish your unique content though and easy-to-use and powerful content management interface. Promote your unique skills and services.

Website Builder lading page Website Builder lading page Website Builder custom colors Website Builder custom fonts Website Builder custom text color Website Builder custom font color

Create and publish your
properties and control
your own database

Build pages for your properties using high-resolution images, video, and even floor plans. Each property can also be a standalone website published under its own domain.

Real Estate Website Builder Property Website Creator Real Estate Website Property Mansion Real Estate Website Property Filter Real Estate Website Property Type Filter

What can you use IDXBoost for?

Barkin Gilman Brenda Gramajo Nancy Batchelor

Websites For
Agents & Teams

Create a unique and engaging real estate website for you and/or your team.

Aria Luxe Brickelly Edgewater Bay

Websites For

Create a website for your farming area. Prospects and clients will use it as a resource of real estate information.

Villa Positano AMG AMG

Websites For

Create a website for your listings, publish them under their own domain and share the unbranded version with your peers.

Una Residences Penthouses Auberge Residences

Websites For

Create a website for your favorite condo building with integrated MLS listings, floorplans, photos, videos, statistics and more.

BRG International Cervera Aria

Websites For
Broker Agencies

Create a website for your real estate agency and include all of your agents.

Villa Positano AMG AMG

Websites For

Create a website for your project and promote new developments in your area.

Your website seamlessly
integrated with your
local MLS board

Increase your website traffic and boost conversion by creating an exceptional experience for your online visitors. Our seamless IDX interface allows them to use an intuitive search map tool and find properties in their favorite market.

IDX Integration Descktop IDX Integration Ipad IDX Integration Tablet IDX Integration Cell Phone

Use powerful IDX tools to
create engaging content

Integrate videos within your IDX/MLS pages to build trust with your visitors. Keep your listings always up-to-date with the IDX feed (which updates daily), create landing pages for your farming areas, condos and neighborhoods.

Display Filters Building Pages

Your local MLS board contains all the active, pending and sold data from your local real estate market.


IDXBoost connect trough a service called IDX. The data is integrated with our innovative tools.


Your website now shows all listings in your area. You and your clients use it to search for listings.

IDX Integration Features

Advanced Maps

A unique experience that gives your visitors an intuitive tool to help them search for properties using an interactive map.

Unique Video Integration

A unique tool that helps you build trust with your visitors by integrating videos within your IDX/MLS pages.

Properties / Listings

Display all available listings in your market. The IDX feed will constantly update daily, making sure that the most recent activity in the market is reflected on your website.

Interactive Map Pages

Create landing pages for your farming areas, zip codes, and neighborhoods. Includes an interactive map search tool.

Luxury Condos

Build a database of your favorite condos with integrated listings. Include active, sold, and pending listings when available.

Display Filters

Create IDX pages with listings in a gallery view. Include your own photos and descriptions of the community, city, or neighborhood.

Premium lead generation
& marketing tools

Go Premium and take advantage of all the tools you need to generate, convert and nurture your real estate leads. Integrate video into your marketing. Create unique landing pages and custom forms.

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Testimonial 12 Hand Selector

Boost conversions by
leveraging your brand’s

Maximize your traffic conversions and position your brand at the forefront. A unique set of tools that help you gain more prospects while building trust & authority.

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Why Use IDXBoost Premium for Real Estate Lead Generation?

Battlefield Tested

These tools have been forged in the field. They have been created and are constantly optimized to maximize their results.

Build For Conversion

Access tools that are built for conversion and design to seamlessly connect you with online prospects looking in your market.

Innovative Tech

The only all-in-one, builder, IDX, and marketing engine designed to be used by real estate professionals, no coding is needed.

Track Everything

Integrate your tracking codes and pixels and get a real report of the results of your marketing campaigns.

Return on Investment

Software forged with a strategy to maximize your return on investment. A solution created not to be an expense but an investment in your business.

Track everything and gain useful
insights to optimize your performance

Go beyond the standard CRM functions! Use a centralized dashboard to collect your visitor's personal information and monitor their activity as it happens: properties they viewed and/or saved, favorite listings, last activity, and more. You can also track where they come from and the devices they use.

Powerful control panel Powerful control panel notes Powerful control panel timeline Powerful control panel qualifications Powerful control panel details

Download the
IDXBoost App

Monitor your website activity when you’re away from your desktop! Track all your visitor’s activity in real-time, get alerts when a new prospect registers on your website so you can immediately contact them, and more.

IDXBoost™ App IDXBoost™ App

IDXBoost Platform Memberships

Real Estate Website Builder

Website Builder

Reflect your real estate brand’s identity, add content pages, property websites, and more.

  • Return & Nurture
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Development
  • Market Research
  • Digital Infrastructure
IDX Interface

Seamless IDX

Use IDX tools to create an exceptional experience for your visitors and increase conversion.

  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Brand Authority Building
  • Return & Nurture
  • Conversion Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Development
  • Market Research
  • Digital Infrastructure
Premium Digital Marketing Tools

Premium Tools

Boost engagement, conversion and nurturing to scale your business.

  • Boost Engagement Tool
  • Boost Conversion Tool
  • Boost Nurturing
  • Custom Forms
  • Trip Wires
  • Landing Pages
Real Estate Accelerator

Real Estate Acceleator

Accelerate your real estate business and grow your brand.

  • Branded Real Estate Website
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • CRM with Actions Plans
  • Automations
  • Strategic Lead Generation
  • Brand Authority Building
  • Team Coaching

IDXBoost Accelerated
Success Stories

Read more about real estate professionals who are using IDXBoost programs to scale to 9-figures in yearly sales.

Do you want to accelerate your real estate business?

Talk to an IDXBoost™ representative and choose the right program according to your business needs, from start-up to market domination. Let’s discover together how IDXBoost™ can help you reach your goals faster!

You’ve got questions?
IDXBoost has real solutions

  • Why do I need to niche within my market?

    Our custom market research is crucial for launching your real estate brand and increasing your sales. It will help you to close on your ideal high-potential niche market so you can invest your budget in a tactical way, and build your website with the purpose of engaging with that specific audience.

  • Why do I need a branded website?

    A branded real estate website will let you bring your brand to life online, and represent all that it has to offer and the values that it holds dear. With IDXBoost Website Builder, you can have an advanced branded website with exclusive personalization and offer a tailored experience to your online visitors.

  • Why does my website have no traffic?

    To start getting online traffic you need to build an infrastructure that serves as the backbone of your real estate brand, connect all your Social Media platforms and create high-quality content for your visitors. Implementing a proven digital marketing strategy will help you maximize your brand’s visibility online and stand out from the crowd.

  • Why do I get no leads, despite my high online traffic?

    Usually, this is an issue of attracting the wrong audience, or you could have data and website errors. You could have tons of people visiting your real estate website online (quantity), but it’s also crucial to attract the right leads (quality). You need to focus on attracting people interested in buying or selling their homes within your local market. You can achieve this by implementing IDXBoost battlefield-tested strategies, specially designed for you to attract people who are likely to hire your real estate services and be long-term customers. Part of these strategies includes creating high-quality content to engage your specific audience, improving your social media presence, and creating segmented lists.

  • Why don’t people return to my website?

    If your online visitors never come back to your real estate website it means you need to strengthen your return and nurturing strategy. IDXBoost offers proven digital marketing strategies so you can create an exceptional experience for your leads (according to their needs) and build lasting relationships with them, even after the transaction is closed.

  • Why do I need to work on my brand’s authority?

    Once you’re already attracting the right people to your website and converting more leads into prospects, then it’s time for your real estate business to gain authority within the local market. This is important because dominating your niche area and being recognized as a loyal and trustworthy real estate professional will help you locally establish the cycle of buyers and sellers.