Use Pixels to avoid losing real estate leads

February 14, 2023 Blog Articles

What happens when your online visitors leave and don’t come back? As a successful real estate agent, you need to be able to connect with people and convince them to hire your services. Knowing how to use Pixels in your real estate marketing strategy is key to building your brand and generating more leads.

What is a Pixel?

One of the most effective methods in digital strategies for keeping track of potential leads is the use of pixels. To track who visits and who converts on your real estate website, you can add a few lines of custom code called a “pixel” to the page. You can include individual pixels from sites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Once a user logs out, you can follow them on various websites, including the Google Display Network, FOX, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Facebook, and Instagram.

How to Use Pixels

A pixel functions by setting cookies on users that visit your real estate website and interact with your ads. This makes it possible for you to repeatedly target them with ads. The pixel is activated and records the action when a user interacts with your website. For example, when they look at a real estate listing, as many other pixel events.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google will be able to tell which pages they visited and which ones they didn’t. The following time they visit that social media or search engine platform, you can target them with relevant ads.

Benefits of using Pixels in Real Estate

Helps you target users who’ve visited your website

  • Pixels let you access better insights, create targeted audiences for your marketing campaigns, and maximize your digital marketing campaign budget.
  • For example, using a Facebook pixel ultimately increases the effectiveness of your Facebook ad. The reason for this is that it enables you to more effectively reach those who are most likely to take the desired action.

Helps you retarget users who visit your website

  • Imagine you have a new listing, and you’re launching a marketing campaign to encourage prospective buyers to visit the listing’s web page. You can monitor which users click on the link in your ad and visit the page you intended them to see by installing a pixel on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Google. This is crucial because potential customers don’t always act right away.
  • Finding people who are genuinely interested in your ad is challenging. It is the most difficult aspect of managing an effective marketing campaign. These users are no longer “cold” leads because they clicked through and looked at the page. By displaying a second ad to users who have previously expressed interest in the subject, you increase your chances of persuading visitors to return to your website and eventually take action.

Gives you more clarity on your market needs

  • You can access useful data about the kinds of properties your prospects are interested in thanks to pixels.
  • Remember that the more data your pixel collects, the more you can retarget qualified leads and optimize your ads based on that data.

Helps you track conversions

  • Your pixel gets smarter when more users interact with your website and as more conversions occur. Since it gains more knowledge about the types of ads that are more effective and the prospects that are most likely to take particular actions.
  • You can observe how visitors behave on your website after viewing a Facebook, Instagram, or Google ad, which aids in tracking conversion.
  • By using pixels to locate your leads online and remind them of the value you provide, you can find them even if they don’t leave their contact information.

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The IDXBoost team can help you implement pixels and improve your digital marketing strategy

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