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February 1, 2023 Blog Articles

Anyone can create a beautiful website for their luxury real estate business; you can use Wix, WordPress, or other website builders to make the prettiest pictures and attract online visitors to your site, but none of that matters if you’re not creating real estate transactions. 

Why do you have a real estate website? Usually, a luxury real estate agent won’t invest the time, energy, and money into creating a website only to leave it unattended. People from all around the world can access your website, which serves as your modern-day digital business card and a means of self-promotion.

Using forced registration to increase conversions

There are many techniques you can use to boost your real estate conversions, get more leads, and close more transactions. One of them is using Google Ads and adding the right keywords which include a specific area, a property type, and a buyer and tenant; but the strategy we’re going to talk about in this article is forced registration. 

What is forced registration?

Forced registration is a strategy that real estate websites frequently use. In essence, it involves limiting access to fundamental data, such as listing information, in return for a person’s personal information.

With this strategy, your online visitors are required to provide their basic contact information to view more details about properties listed on your website

The benefits of using forced registration in online real estate

Lets you follow up with your leads

  • Forced registration gives you the information you need to increase the number of leads that you may try to convert into clients by using different methods such as email marketing. 
  • Of course, nobody wants to force registration, but there’s a reason many sites use it: people won’t register otherwise. As some real estate marketing experts say, “in online real estate, you don’t get what you don’t ask for”. If you’re able to capture your visitors’ basic contact details, you can use email marketing or other tools to follow up with them and bring them back to your website. 

Lets you personalize the user experience

  • Forced registration can motivate users to register since they will be able to save properties, view detailed housing information, get automatic email updates, or other benefits.
  • This method lets you personalize the users’ experience even further in their buyer or seller life cycle, letting you build trust and authority within your local market.

Gives you more clarity about your visitors’ needs

  • Using forced registration for your real estate website gives you something to work with. For instance, you can integrate your online visitors’ contact information with traffic reports and lead-generation tools to gain clarity and better predict the needs of your customers.

Lets you close more transactions

  • You could have the prettiest real estate website design and high traffic of online leads, but none of that matters if you’re not creating real estate transactions, which is your ultimate goal.
  • Ultimately, the impact that forced registration is having on business is the following: with forced registration enabled, agents close to between 3% of all online leads.

Some tips to implement forced registration in your real estate website

If you’re using paid ads, implement forced registration from the start

  • To drive traffic to your real estate website, our experts recommend is to include forced registration as soon as the user clicks on the first property.
  • This only applies if you’re using paid advertising for your website. 

Consider value and timing

  • Sometimes people require a little encouragement to reach out to you, but you must be careful not to push them away from your sign-up form if you do so at the wrong time. It all comes down to value and timing, as with everything.
  • If you get a lot of traffic on all your other pages, you can have forced registration on your first property; if not, you can remove it so that your other visitors that come organically can freely search for properties. 

Use engagement thresholds

  • People need to receive something of value in return if you are trying to force them to register. Although this value is related to many things, engagement thresholds are generally what it has to do with.
  • Engagement thresholds allow you to measure how frequently visitors interact with your website. 
  • The general idea is that users become more invested in your website and your message every time you promise them information and then deliver on that promise.
  • You can fulfill these commitments by showcasing your value through high-quality content and letting people get to know you better through videos that focus on your expertise and close ties to your market.

Show a faded page behind the contact form

  • This helps your online visitors be sure they’re going to get the information they were really looking for, and motivates them to complete the forced registration.

Make it simple

  • Don’t make it difficult; all you really need is a name and an email address. It takes less time and effort to fill out 4 fields compared to 10 fields.
  • To motivate your users, it’s recommended to add a little reminder on the side of the form that says, “I will give you all of these services; all you have to do is sign up.”

If you need to increase your real estate conversions, consider using IDXBoost, a Real Estate Business Accelerator that uses cutting-edge technology and battlefield-tested marketing tactics to help you build your luxury real estate brand online, quickly dominate your local market, and increase your ROI year over year.

With IDXBoost, you can use the forced registration tool to show a form after online visitors click on a listing, and ask for their name, email, and phone number. One of the great things about this platform is that it lets you customize the forced registration experience based on your needs. 

In a conclusion, visitors to your website may be there merely to indulge in a fleeting vision of  “what if,” but more often than not, they are getting ready to sell or buy a property.

This is your chance to bring in fresh leads, so the decision is yours: Do you encourage them or just wait for them to approach you?

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