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January 9, 2023 Blog Articles

In this day and age, real estate agents don’t exist in the real estate world without a website. In the past, they would meet their potential customers face-to-face, network with them, and hand them business cards. Today, the first thing that people do is to type in Google the type of property and areas they’re looking for, or even an agent’s name to check their background and experience. 

Why have a website for your luxury real estate brand?

Your website is more than just a place to display your listings — it’s an essential part of your real estate digital marketing strategy. Having a sophisticated and solid website helps you build your real estate brand and email database, and encourages potential buyers or sellers to contact you. Nowadays, there are many companies that can help you create an impressive and effective website to accelerate your real estate business. These are some of the benefits of having a real estate website for your brand:

It lets you showcase your listings and reach potential buyers

A well-designed website lets your online visitors view all your listings and quickly identify the different types of properties, amenities included, and prices, no matter where they are. Your potential customers can use their smartphones to read about you and search for the properties they want without having to pick up a paper version of the newspaper or magazine in order to find homes around their areas.

You can easily create and edit your content to reflect your brand’s unique identity

Another great benefit of having a real estate website is that you can update it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. For example, IDXBoost is a Real Estate Business Accelerator that includes a Real Estate Website Builder, so agents can create and edit their content without having any coding skills, at any time. This gives agents total control of their website’s look and feel, and lets them build breathtaking responsive sites while cutting build times from weeks to minutes.

It helps you attract high-quality traffic

A real estate website is an effective way of attracting the right people interested in buying or selling in your local area. Keep in mind that using the right online keywords with the help of some SEO tool according to your luxury real estate niche will increase your chances of collecting the best quality leads. There are many real estate and digital marketing experts that can help you with your market research and marketing campaigns, so you can generate tangible results for your business. 

Having a real estate website can help you reach a broader target audience and maximize your online exposure. The more your real estate website is used, the more people will be able to find it on Google or other search engines. People can find you from all over the world and contact you about your real estate services more easily. This is really useful if you have clients from other countries who might need assistance in researching properties in your area. Even if you are offline, potential clients can still contact you and request information on a property they are interested in.

“It took me only 6 months with IDXBoost, and I’ve closed a 15-and-a-half million dollar sale and another one for 4.1 million. As I mentioned, I had 4 other website providers and saw zero results there. I’ve found success with other marketing alternatives, but nowhere near the return on investment that I saw with IDXBoost”.

-Nick Grodzicki

These are some tips to create a beautiful real estate website that also serves as a powerful marketing engine for your brand:

Include key elements to build trust and authority in your market

Once you’re already attracting the right people to your website and converting more leads into prospects, then it’s time for your real estate business to gain authority within the local market. There are many key elements you can have on your real estate website to establish yourself as a market expert and build trustful relationships with your potential or actual clients.

  • Creating high-quality content related to specific neighborhoods lets you demonstrate your market knowledge and drive prospects to your website.
  • Including links to your social media profiles lets you show that you are up to date, active in the luxury industry, and committed to connecting with those you work with.
  • Adding an “About us” section where you include your biography lets your clients know who you are, why should they choose you, and what makes you different from other agents. 
  • Using contact forms and chat features lets your prospects easily find your phone number or email address, or fill out a form to contact you. 
  • Including testimonials of past clients lets potential clients know that you have a good track record and have helped others who have similar needs. 

Make your website indexable

If Google doesn’t index your website, then you’re pretty much invisible to everyone, and you won’t show up for any search queries or get any organic traffic. You can get support from real estate and digital marketing experts to make sure your entire website is indexed. The IDXBoost team can help you with indexability, so search engines can display your website’s pages, and you can drive organic search traffic to your site. 

Integrate your website with lead generation and conversion tools

Your website can be more than a digital business card: it is an essential piece of your marketing that should elevate your brand online while helping you engage and convert your visitors into actual leads to increase your sales. In order to achieve this, you need to integrate it with powerful tools including Google Analytics that let you track and measure all your website interactions, so you can easily nurture and follow up with your leads.

IDXBoost includes a centralized dashboard that lets you collect your visitor’s personal information and monitor their activity as it happens: properties they viewed and/or saved, favorite listings, last activity, and more. You can also track where they come from and the devices they use. The IDXBoost team can give you the advice, support, and training you need to increase conversions using a suite of lead generation and digital marketing tools designed for you to capture your online visitors’ information and generate high-quality leads. 

Create a mobile-friendly real estate website

Keep in mind that people who use mobile devices have easy access to the Internet even when they are on the go. This is why you need to create a responsive website so that your clients can easily find you from anywhere, at any time. Delivering a mobile-friendly experience to your online visitors will help you increase your chances of closing transactions. 

Integrate video marketing

Video marketing is an effective tool for the real estate industry since it gives more details about properties your clients are interested in and helps you capture your online visitors’ attention. It also lets you interact with potential clients by showing them what they want to see, giving you a competitive advantage over other real estate agents who do not use videos for marketing their properties. You can use IDXBoost to add your unique videos to your IDX pages, so you can have your personal brand always at the forefront while your prospects find their perfect home. 

Use IDX integrations

Creating hyper-targeted pages for your farming areas will give your clients the best search experience possible. With search filters, they can select the criteria to find exactly what they are looking for. This avoids frustration and confusion when looking for properties, and increases your chances of being contacted.

If you’re looking for a seamless IDX interface for your real estate website, consider using IDXBoost.   IDXBoost offers powerful IDX tools to create engaging content, keep your listings always up-to-date with the IDX feed (which updates daily), and create landing pages for your farming areas, condos, and neighborhoods. By integrating your website with your local MLS board, you can create an exceptional experience for your online visitors and boost your online traffic and conversions.

If you’re interested in using a brandable platform to empower your luxury real estate brand with a customized look and a powerful conversion engine to support it, contact us today!

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