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February 28, 2023 Blog Articles

Are you aware of the importance of having a real estate account on social media sites to connect with your audience and showcase yourself as the local market authority? Did you know that you can boost conversions by leveraging your brand’s visibility?

After you have succeeded in bringing the right customers to your website and converting them into potential buyers, it is crucial to establish your real estate business as a prestigious and respected figure in the local market. This will help to create a continuous stream of buyers and sellers in your area, establishing your brand and reputation as a reliable and dependable real estate professional.

In this article, we share with you some useful information on how to use the power of social media and other tools to maximize your traffic conversions and position your brand always at the forefront.

While social media platforms might not necessarily be the best place to find buyers or sellers ready to close the transaction, they serve as powerful platforms to build your branding and trust. Social media can help you develop a strong network, and increase name/brand recognition, and brand awareness. By using social media platforms in the right way, you can showcase yourself as an established agent with a track record, and prove to people that you are what you say you are. 

“I create content, I put things out there, but I’ve been more strategic and I’m using those social media platforms to put myself in front of people that have already engaged with me previously. It’s amazing how effective it can be”.

–Arno De Vos

Benefits of using Instagram to build trust and authority

Is highly visual

  • Instagram is the ideal platform to connect with your audience because it values engagement and has a strong visual component.
  • Their posts typically focus on images and videos; the text is not required. Because people tend to remember more of what they see than what they read or hear, this is particularly beneficial for businesses.

It has +1 billion active users

  • Over 25 million business profiles are present on this platform, which has over a billion active users.
  • Every day, more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile, and stories from businesses account for one-third of the most popular posts.

It prioritizes business accounts

  • What users and their targets users see often depends on the content they interact with. Your real estate business has a better chance of engaging users on Instagram because it doesn’t prioritize personal accounts over business accounts (unlike Facebook).
  • You’ll be able to boost your marketing efforts by adding a call to action button, advertise on your posts, and gain access to more account insights if you have an official business account.
  • IDXBoost experts advise choosing a professional, eye-catching profile photo, a clear and intuitive username, and a bio that includes your contact information. As the description of your product or service, the region you serve, your niche and target market, and any links when creating a business account. Additionally, make sure the design of your page adheres to your branding.

It can help you boost engagement

  • Instagram’s success requires more than just posting attractive photos. Building an audience and their trust in your knowledge and services starts with engagement.
  • When promoting your real estate company, keep in mind that it’s crucial that you:
    • Reply to comments and direct messages every day.
    • Post only captivating and high-quality pictures and videos.
    • Avoid using stock photos.
    • Connect with coffee stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and other key areas in your local market. Build your customer base around your geographic location.
    • Share useful information about your niche area.

“Who you’re partnered up with is definitely one of the biggest keys. IDXBoost brings a whole different depth of awareness to the brand, whether it is the website, the retargeting marketing, or the social media ads. You really need to put yourself out there and brand yourself. You really have to be unique and stay true to yourself to really make a name for yourself out ther”.

–Glen Primak

Benefits of using Facebook to build trust and authority

Is a powerful and affordable advertising platform

  • Over 1.5 billion people use Facebook, using it for about 50 minutes each day.
  • Facebook has extremely sophisticated algorithms that allow it to know everything about its users, so you can make sure you’re reaching the right people actively looking in your market segments.

It helps you strengthen your brand

  • You can use Facebook to represent all that your real estate brand has to offer in your local market. In order to build trust within your audience, it is important to use your company logo in your profile and cover image, and post images consistent with your branding.
  • If you want to learn more about how can you make the best out of Facebook and other social media platforms, you can contact the IDXBoost team to get personalized advice, training, and support. 

“People find social media or videos and they get to know you and the person that they feel the biggest attachment to. They’ll hire you. They’ll trust you. They create that trust with you because of the amount of quality and strategic content that you put out there”.

–Lucas Lechuga

IDXBoost can help you market your real estate business

If using social media platforms to market your company and improve your brand’s visibility seems overwhelming, consider using IDXBoost.

With a multichannel approach, IDXBoost can increase brand awareness across the board. To establish your brand as the local market authority, it independently targets your customers on their preferred websites and social media platforms.

Visit our blog to read more about real estate professionals who are using IDXBoost™ programs to scale to 9 figures in yearly sales.

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