Create a solid digital infrastructure to increase your real estate revenue

March 15, 2023 Blog Articles

Building a digital infrastructure for your brand is the next step you must take after identifying your real estate niche market. Every real estate agent should make use of digital tools to streamline daily tasks and develop a successful and long-term career in real estate. You can use these tools to improve client communication, listing management, brand marketing, and lead generation.

Real Estate Brand Websites

Without your luxury real estate website, there’s no nucleus to your entire infrastructure. Creating a sophisticated website that also serves as a marketing engine increases your chances of attracting high-quality leads. Here are some useful tips:

Create copy that reflects your brand’s identity

  • Ensuring that your web presence accurately reflects your real estate identity and conveys why potential buyers and sellers should have confidence in your services, particularly if you are catering to high-end clients, is essential. 
  • Nowadays, there are many platforms that you can use to gain total control over your website and publish your content in real-time, without having to wait for providers to make simple edits. IDXBoost for example offers an intuitive website builder tool that you can use to create your website in minutes and impress your online visitors. The best part: you don’t need to use any code, you can add videos to your IDX pages, and include advanced map search filters!

Use lead generation tools

  • Your real estate website is like your headquarters in this digital era. If you use a custom form to gather valuable contact information from your visitors, your real estate leads will be instant, warm, and free. This should be the first and most significant place where potential clients can find you.
  • Your website can also be used to link your target audience to your social media accounts and to encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter to get the latest news on the industry. 

Maximize the online visibility of your listings

  • We recommend you showcase in-depth descriptions, stunning digital photography, and top-notch videos to make your listings more attractive.
  • You can also share your listings’ links on your own social media pages, neighborhood websites, or wherever else your marketing efforts take you. 

Introduce yourself

  • The best place for potential clients to learn more about you as a professional is on your real estate website. More than almost any other service industry, real estate is one where this is crucial!
  • Talk about your achievements and include pictures showing your participation in events, your involvement in the community, your personal background, and testimonials. People like and trust you more when they get to know you personally in this way. 

CRM and AI integrations

Previously, we mentioned that your website is the center, but let’s envision that you begin directing traffic to it and somebody completes a form on your site. What happens with that data? How are you going to be able to track that? This is when CRM and AI integrations turn vital for your business.

Real Estate CRM

A real estate CRM is a customer relationship management system that helps manage all communications with both leads and clients. Here are some of its benefits:

Offers insightful data about the sources of your leads

  • You’re probably managing several lead-generation campaigns at once, right? While it’s great to have lead generation down, if a multichannel strategy is not properly managed, it can quickly spiral out of control.
  • It’s critical to understand where each lead comes from. With this data, you can tell if they are ready to buy or sell, whether they’ve entered your sales funnel at the top or bottom, what captured their attention, and if they’re qualified leads.

Prioritize your leads

  • It’s in your best interest to qualify your leads before you begin nurturing them. 
  • A CRM can help you score your leads and pick out those who are sincere about wanting to transact and ultimately buy or sell a home.

It enhances the effectiveness of lead nurturing

  • The visual sales pipeline provided by modern CRM tools can help you monitor the progress you’re making with each client. 
  • You can decide which actions to take when you can see the bigger picture. You can more effectively tailor your lead nurturing activities and provide your leads with the data they need to become customers when you have access to all the notes and data from prior communication.

It lets you automate sales and marketing processes

  • By enhancing real estate follow-ups, a good real estate CRM solution can increase sales.
  • Every successful real estate agent is aware that they should approach a sale or purchase gradually through a series of follow-ups, rather than trying to pressure the client into doing so right away.

AI Integrations

  • If you are connected to Google and Facebook’s artificial intelligence, when someone submits a form on your website, the information will be sent back to those platforms and your leads will be automatically got an email provided with the necessary details.

There are many other powerful technologies that also serve as part of your infrastructure, like Google Analytics, Facebook Tags and Pixels, YouTube and other social media accounts, and more.

Consider that after building a solid digital infrastructure, you need to seamlessly integrate your social media, search engine, and media outlets to work in synergy with your marketing platform, website, and CRM.

If you need advice and support with building your infrastructure and ecosystem for achieving long-term growth, the IDXBoost team can help you! By implementing customer-centric tools, our team can improve your customer’s journey and also create new revenue streams. 

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