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April 25, 2023 Blog Articles

As a real estate agent, you know that time is gold. You need to be able to get your clients into the perfect home as quickly as possible, so they can start enjoying their new life in their new home. That’s where the IDXBoost marketing team comes in!

In this article, we’ll take a look at the features of IDXBoost and how it can help you accelerate the growth of your real estate business and dominate your local market, improving your digital marketing strategy.

What is IDXBoost?

IDXBoost is an all-in-one software platform that gives real estate agents and teams the technology and marketing strategy they need to maximize their online presence and dominate their local markets.

IDXBoost programs integrate the latest digital technologies that go beyond traditional real estate marketing and lead generation tools. Our tangible and customer-centric digital tools -like mobile applications and branded real estate websites- are designed not only to improve the customer’s journey but also to create new revenue streams.

With IDXBoost, agents can easily create their real estate website based on the best-converting keywords in their markets and integrate it with their MLS board, CRM, social media, search engines, AI tools, and more. 

We offer advanced marketing tools for agents who want to do more than just find potential customers. These tools help agents engage, persuade, and cultivate their leads, from the first contact until they become paying customers.

Some of our tools

Website Builder

You can edit content and design in real time, just drag and drop making changes on the fly. Choose sections and navigation structure that best suits your needs, or even add a new section if necessary. It’s super easy building a website with IDXBoost technology. Impress and captivate homebuyers and sellers with an eye-catching website that is easy to navigate!

Property Sites

Property sites are a great way to showcase your properties. You can create sites for condos, neighborhoods, teams, project developments, and more. These pages will feature high-resolution images and videos of the property, as well as floor plans that you can share unbranded with peers.

IDX Interface

The IDX interface is a powerful tool that allows your visitors to easily search for properties by using an interactive map filter. Thanks to the IDX integration, you can create a website and landing pages for farming areas, zip codes, or neighborhoods, and add unique videos to build trust with your visitors. This integration also lets you show all the updated listings in your area automatically since it’s synced to your local MLS board.

Boost Conversions

Successful multi-channel marketing approach to enhance your brand’s visibility across various platforms, tailoring the targeting of your audience based on their preferred websites and social media channels.

We also have premium digital marketing tools designed to help you maximize your online presence, drive more leads and increase your conversion rate, such as:

  • Registration forms
  • Social media login
  • Trackable landing pages
  • Multichannel strategy
  • Tripwires
  • Custom forms

Boost Engagement

IDXBoost is the first and only real estate platform that offers powerful tools to engage your online leads, for instance, using personalized ads with images and videos. This means you can use your own photos in your ad, which makes it more engaging for potential buyers. Another way IDXBoost boosts engagement is through automated alerts for price reductions or new listings. 

Boost Nurturing

With IDXBoost, you can set your lead nurturing on autopilot by sending automated alerts to users that registered on your website. This saves you time while still nurturing them from cold to closed.

Some of our services

Market Research

Our team of experts helps real estate agents and teams identify the best opportunities in their local markets. Since over 90% of real estate transactions start with a Google search, it’s vital to know which keywords you need to use to attract the highest quality leads actively looking in your market. So you can define a strategy for a marketing campaign that connects you with the right people for buying and selling!

In IDXBoost we help you research your market, so you can close down on the highest potential opportunities, invest your media budget in a tactical way, and generate the best possible results.

Infrastructure Buildout

Building a solid and interconnected infrastructure can help you gain a definitive competitive advantage. In IDXBoost we focus on empowering real estate brands with the right technologies to build a solid platform that serves as the backbone of their business. And seamlessly integrates all their digital channels (website, CRM, social media platforms, search network engines, Google Analytics). 

Support, advice, and training

Our real estate expert team gives agents the personalized service and attention they need to reach their goals faster. 

As your agency grows, you can depend on us for support, training, and advice on all aspects of your digital transformation journey and beyond. With our holistic approach and local market expertise, we’ll work with you to find the best solution that meets your specific goals. Here, you can read more about real estate professionals who are using their IDXBoost programs to scale to 9 figures in yearly sales.

Are you interested in accelerating your real estate business?

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